Dynamic Discipleship (DD)

Biblically based Life Skills for Renewing Minds,Transforming Lives, and Uplifting Communities

DD is an inner journey designed for people seeking spiritual growth for their Christian lives and to be empowered to better serve their neighbors. DD draws its direction and inspiration from Romans 12:2: Do not be conformed to the world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. The DD strategy is to impart the values and disciplines that help the individual renew his/her mind, resultin g in personal transformation and community outreach. DD is a 10-week workshop utilizing literary and video tools as outlined below. The goal of DD is not only to equip the believer for a stronger walk with God and for more effective compassion to his/her community.

  • Spirit-driven
  • Leadership development for Christian believers – to help them grow spiritually and prepare them to serve others
  • Dynamic process: Bible Study + book reading + online video viewing
  • Bible-based – Scriptures support holistic tools revealed through book and online video
  • Phase 2 of HH

DD Workbook & Leader’s Guide*
TTT Online Videos
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*Purchaser will be delivered e-copies and can copy as many Workbooks and Leader’s Guide as needed for DD Participants for educational purposes only.

TTT Books sold separately, pricing based on the number of DD participants –  bulk rates may apply.

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