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Peak Performers Program (“PPP”)

Values, Disciplines and Strategies to Prepare Young People to Fulfill Their Highest Potential

PPP is an inner journey designed for young people to fulfill – and even surpass – their highest potential. The PPP strategy is to raise the performance level of teens through a holistic approach. The traditional focus has been almost exclusively on hard skills: the academic skills to make one college-ready and/or the vocational skills to make one job-ready. Though necessary, imparting hard skills is often not sufficient. There are non-academic issues that the individual student must learn to deal with and overcome in order to thrive in the face of life’s adversities. PPP intervenes to impart the essential values, disciplines and strategies, equipping youth to not only perform better in the classroom but also inspiring them with hope for the future.

Holland (far right) and PPP participants from Thurgood Marshall Academy in Harlem with volunteers on a field trip.

  • Peer-driven
  • Student-centered – targeted at middle school and high school students
  • In school or after-school setting – classroom or similar environment
  • Regular process – once a week for 12 weeks: introductory session; 10 weeks of tools; concluding session
  • Book-based – read a chapter per week; workshop exercises to elaborate and reinforce principles

PPP Student Workbook & Leader’s Guide*
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TTT Books sold separately, pricing based on the number of PPP participants –  bulk rates may apply.

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