This 365-day devotional brings new meaning to “American Founder” by highlighting an array of historical figures.


The devotional readings re-imagine the history of America, featuring powerful, often-overlooked men and women of all races, backgrounds, and creeds who have made lasting contributions to America’s founding principles.

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Holland’s book is a fascinating treasure trove of the values espoused and practiced by some of the giants of American history. It is a welcome antidote to the vitriol of the prevailing political discourse that currently dominates our national landscape and threatens to undermine the moral foundations of all that we hold dear.


I have visited over 400 schools in the NYC public school system in my education service role. I found many schools limited in exploring the full breath of history due to focus on test prep. This book is a great supplement to any school, church or family library. It has helped to enforce my belief that history is not just Black or White, but rather that there were many colors and influences that helped shape our nation. The Vigorous Virtues brings those voices out of the shadows in an easy to ready, life transforming way.


I love this book. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it. I love the premise, the daily devotional approach, and the encouragement of Christian character qualities over an extended period of time (one month). I think it really gives the reader a chance to digest the material, and reflect upon how they can emulate that character quality in their own lives. We can learn so much from the lives of the giants that have walked a few steps ahead of us. Unfortunately our culture would rather forget and re-write the history to fit the current distorted narrative. I agree about the reconciliation theme – it is so needed in our day. I pray your book finds traction and impacts our culture.


What I’ve read so far is terrific. Comprehensive, informative and truly inspiring. Most importantly, it makes clear that the spiritual principles have always been there as a guide and source of strength and are just as ‘active’ now in our lives. The legacy is long and alive and each day’s lesson reminds us of just how powerful we are in God through his spirit in those who came before. The ordinary made extraordinary.


Really interesting approach . . . a wonderful job laying out the history and providing insight and guidance . . . a perfect Christmas gift.



Exemplary stories from America’s past

Illustrative stories of historical figures — Asian, Black, Native American, Hispanic and White — who create a collage of uplifting voices beyond the traditional echoes of the Founding Founders

Monthly themes that target specific virtues.

Have at your fingertips for 1 year a resource that targets and helps you build specific virtues like: Compassion, Perseverance, Teamwork, Integrity, Self-discipline, Civility and Faith.

Success Principles

Each devotional selection imparts principles of success incorporating practical points for daily application.

Social Impact

The stories of these American trailblazers will inspire readers to cultivate their own inward virtues, fostering character development and personal progress, which can lead to community improvement and societal change.

365 daily narratives that demonstrate the rich diversity of American thought and influence

The Vigorous Virtues are exemplified by the diverse historical voices of unsung heroes and legends of the American story.

Daily readings that provide success principles

This book provides daily readings rising from inspirational trailblazers that highlight the foundational virtues that built American greatness.


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