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Amazon Publishing Marketing has selected The Touchstone Tools: Building Your Way to an Inspired Life (“TTT”) to be promoted via Nonfiction Kindle book deals in the US marketplace, starting 4/1/2018 and running through 4/30/2018. TTT will be offered at 0.99 USD during the promotion period. The promotion can be accessed below:



The gubernatorial candidacy of TTT author Joseph Holland (pictured above at a recent Albany Legislative Day) has released its first campaign video, which can be accessed below: facebook.com/joehollandforny

Love Tool – Take Five For Forgiveness

Shouldn’t you have had mercy on your fellow servant just as I had on you?
Matthew 18:33

            When Jesus shares the parable of the unmerciful servant, He reveals a key principle at work in the kingdom of heaven – forgiveness.

            The kingdom of heaven is a spiritual system of management by which God governs the workings of His creation. Though you can’t fully comprehend them, these kingdom rules operate all the time. If you live in sync with this invisible technology, Jesus will fill your life with His grace and favor.

            Forgiveness is the divine application that resets a troubled relationship. Everyone has experienced hurt at the hands of another. During my teenage years, the machinations of an unfair football coach damaged me emotionally. It may be the father you never saw, the mother who was excessive in discipline, the adulterous spouse, the insensitive friend, the ungrateful offspring or the brutal stranger. And when hurt happens, the cycle of retribution sets in. You push back, strike back, curse back, snarl back, which triggers rounds of anger and retaliation, ad infinitum.

            When the unmerciful servant failed to extend the forgiveness that he had experienced from the king, his unrighteousness activated the revocation of the forgiveness he had received, resulting in a tortured and tormented life.

            Are you like that unmerciful servant, full of blame, bitterness and hate; or are you like Jesus, full of mercy, forgiveness and love?

            Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us: What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

            It may not seem like black and white, but looking inside to set standards of divine technology for your life will simplify your moral choices. Be a lover, not a hater. Reboot a relationship. Reach out with the reset of reconciliation. Hug someone who has hurt you. Spend a few minutes to make amends. Sow some seeds of peace. Use the Love Tool to rebuild a friendship. Take five for forgiveness.

You can find out more about TTT and related products and programs at:


You can find out more about the Joe Holland for Governor campaign at:

joehollandforny.com and facebook.com/joehollandforny.

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