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Hi it’s Joseph again,

Last week I wrote you about the launch of my book The Vigorous Virtues, and there’s good news from the launch. Just a couple days after its release, the book was recognized as a #1 hot new release on Amazon.

This is a solid start but we need to build momentum so we can attain overall Amazon bestseller status. So if you haven’t already done so, I’m asking you to do the following:


  • Buy a single copy or multiple copies of the book while price is discounted (Think about the holidays, book clubs, classrooms etc.)
  • Share the book link with others –
  • Take time to write a review on Amazon

As you can see from the headlines, our children and our communities are hurting. We have to look to tried and true methods to create change. Values that have stood the test of time, like compassion, integrity and perseverance. Something I know we all feel for the families suffering devastating loss and trauma, even as we go into this Thanksgiving season.

So, I need your help! Over the next week, let’s make The Vigorous Virtues an Amazon bestseller. Why? We can make this resource visible to more people and begin to make the impact and the change that we want to see in ourselves, families and communities.

Thanks for choosing The vigorous virtues and a stronger America! 

If there’s anything I can do to assist you in adding the vigorous virtues to your life, don’t hesitate to let me know.



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