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In honor of Women’s History Month, the Touchstone Tools takes a break from its usual flow of newsletter topics to spotlight Nilza Oyola-Diaz (pictured above) and her dynamic ministry Reina. Reina uses the Touchstone Tools, in particular the Self-Esteem Tool, to fulfill its purpose of uplifting women of color. Reina imparts the 5 C’s of the Self-Esteem Tool: Connect, Conceive, Care, Commit, Carry to build self-confidence in women of all ages through workshops (pictured below). Nilza and the other workshop facilitators use these holistic principles to teach transformational values to the participating women. You can find out more about about Holistic Hardware, Touchstone Tools and related products & programs at

Reina also offers opportunities for networking, community service/organizing, and a collaborative platform to address women’s justice and equality issues. During the past three years one hundred women have completed the requirements and have been crowned Reinas in special ceremonies.

On June 1, 2019, Reina will be holding a conference to reach more women with its inspirational messaging and fellowship. Information about registering for the conference is below. For additional information about Reina, email or visit the Reina Facebook page at:

Let’s keep making a difference,

Joseph Holland

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